Sunday, 6 October 2013

How To Hack WiFi (No Software Required)

How To Hack WiFi (No Software Required)

You just need to do is you have to know the IP address of that PC or Laptop

For That you can go to his/her house and ask his/her to let you sit on their computer for a minute, After this follow me

Step 1- Go in run and type "CMD" without quotes
Step 2- Type "ipconfig" without quotes
Step 3- Take his Default Gateway which is IP address

Now your work is done go to your house, And Follow me

Step 1- In the address bar type the default gateway 
Step 2- It will ask for Username and Password in the both fields type "admin" without quotes

Now you are inside the WiFi system do whatever you want

This is For educational purposes only Use It Well

Plz don't do anything which can cost you or any other one

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